Freedom, responsibility, private initiative and limited government

Center for Political Studies

CEPOS is an independent Danish think tank promoting a society based on freedom, responsibility, private initiative and limited government.

CEPOS (Center for Political Studies) was founded in 2004 by prominent Danish business people, thinkers and cultural personalities and started its work on March 10th 2005.

CEPOS wishes to contribute to more personal and economic freedom, rule of law and democracy as well as a limited government sustained by healthy civil institutions, such as family, civil associations and cultural life.

CEPOS wishes to reform and limit direct and indirect economic support from the public authorities to the population. Government support shall benefit only the disadvantaged and will be abolished for people who can support themselves.

CEPOS encourages competition, supports free markets, global free trade and opposes government subsidies to businesses.

CEPOS seek to influence the political debate and thereby the policy decisions by
- generating new knowledge about the arrangement of the society through analysis and research
- developing solutions and concrete policy proposals
- influencing the current and future decision makers through the media, meetings, conferences, publications and education.
CEPOS does not work at the request of any political party, public authority, commercial enterprise, organization or individual.


Research Director Henrik Christoffersen publishes research article at the European Public Choice Society Meeting 2014 at Cambridge University

On Sunday April 6th CEPOS' Research Director Henrik Christoffersen publishes a research article at the Europen Public Choice Society Meeting 2014, which is held at Cambridge University, England, this forthcoming weekend.

The research paper 'Care in time? The ability in the Danish municaipalities to overcome the bubble in government economics after 2007' is based on an analysis published in Danish last fall. In the paper, Christoffersen researched the Danish municipalities abilities to adapt to changing economic environments as well as the factora involved in the decision-making processes behind the changed practices and spending levels.


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